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Who we are

VYUDU Is An App Design & Growth Lab

We build websites and apps with elegance and beauty so that people are more attracted to your business. We then help you grow your business usership and revenue by growth hacking your brand with the same advanced technical tools and strategies used by the worlds most successful companies.

We Are 100% Remote & Proud Of It!

Our positive work life balance helps us produce happy code and elegant design in a stress free environment. No politics. Just progress.

We are in love with what we do and treasure every client like we're family.

Business as usual is not how we operate. We are blessed to have the chance to work with dreamers and builders like you. Our dreams are aligned.

Growth Hacking
Why you should choose us

We Build Fast Beasts

VYUDU works with many consultants and digital agencies to help them architect mind-blowing technical experiences for their clients around the world. We are more than happy to sit in the passenger seat if it means we get to wow and satisfy a new client through your business. We are open to all collaborations and strategic partnerships.


We can design and code anything you can dream of, then help it grow into a successful and profitable business with expert level growth hacking.

A growth hacker experiments with new ways of doing things to win the battle against sense and uses “hacks” or shortcuts that bypass traditional marketing approaches to drive business growth.

A growth hacker’s primary job entails examining how everything is going to impact the growth of a company.

In regards to our technical abilities, we can build anything and everything.

We can design, develop and growth hack:

_ Social Networks
_ Video sharing platforms
_ Chat apps
_ Photo apps
_ Blogs
_ eCommerce stores
_ Corporate websites
_ Native & Progressive Apps

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