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Amplify for your brand with Flutter Apps

Vyudu Inc has got some of the most talented Flutter App developers who know their onions. As a team of seasoned app developers specializing in Flutter, we build cross-platform apps that work seamlessly on android and iOS devices. The Flutter apps we develop are not only beautiful and functional, but we also ensure they support native performance, value-packed features, and high-end UI.

We can help you build incredibly optimized Flutter apps from scratch, and we don’t joke with its functionality and user experience. Our work process is super easy. First, our engineers brainstorm with you on the product before coding your app on the open-source framework. Then, we run AB testing and launch your app on PlayStore and iOS app store.

Cross-platform mobile app development is what we love to do. Our expert mobile and web app developers have many years of experience building intuitive mobile apps for Android, iOS, and website applications. In addition, we are experts at using front and back-end technologies like PHP, AWS, NodeJs, Laravel, Dart language, and more. This way, you can rest assured of guaranteed web architectures that boast easy scalability and flexibility.

Is Flutter a good idea for every kind of mobile app?

Flutter app is best-suited in several ways.

Progressive Web Apps & Instant Apps. By design, Flutter apps are better and more well-optimized than native apps. The overhead range from just a few to 20 MB, based on whether it’s newly released or developed from scratch.

Bluetooth-supported Apps. Using Flutter, you can build an ingenious app that connects with hardware via Bluetooth. It allows you to -

Develop these high-end features separately for both Android and iOS.

Then, you can add these features to the main Flutter app using platform channels. In this regard, it is difficult to determine whether you’ll save more time than if you choose to develop two native apps.

Develop these features for both platforms simultaneously, using a specialized Bluetooth plugin for Flutter like the FlutterBlue.

What is Flutter?

Owned by Google, Flutter is an open-source technology for creating apps for mobile, desktop, and websites using a single codebase. Flutter is a wholesome software development kit (SDK) – and not a library or framework.

What’s the difference between a framework and a library?

A framework provides a skeletal architecture for developing software. It's a set of tools that serves as a footing for the app, and it requires developers to fill in the blanks with codes to complete the entire structure and get the desired functionality.

A library is a reusable piece of code in the application that performs certain functions.

Software Development Kits have a collection of tools, like libraries, APIs, documentation, and frameworks. SDKs offer everything you need to develop solid cross-platform software. And that’s what Flutter offers.

Other technologies like Xamarin, Ionic, React Native, and NativeScript can also help you develop multi-platform apps. But the functionalities of Flutter are matchless!

Why is Flutter best-suited for app development?

Flutter has eye-catching, customizable UI elements that look great on any screen.

How long does it take to build an app on Flutter?

Your requirements, expectations, and the type of app you want determines how long your project takes. First, let's talk about this, and then we can map out a timeline for your project. Usually, it requires 4 to 5 months to develop a functional and UX-rich Flutter app.

Why Choose us?

100% transparent process – no hidden fees.

100% Satisfaction and money-back guarantee

24/7 technical support and maintenance

Work with an expert team of developers that know what's trending.

How much does Flutter App cost?

Each project is unique; that’s why the cost depends on the scope of your project. At Vyudu Inc, we provide a range of Flutter App development solutions. Contact us now to request a competitive quote for your next project.

What can you expect from the Flutter app?

You will enjoy a superb native performance. For example, Flutter can attain a constant 60fps without depending on interpreters.

At Vyudu Inc, we are passionate about building apps that position brands for growth. What's your vision and objective for building an app? We'd love to brainstorm and work with you on your next passion project.

Say 'Hello!" now, and let’s begin with a conversation.