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Let’s chat about the rarely spoken about dual worlds within the universe of CODE. There are two dimensions that should be illuminated.

Starting with web design; I’m going to use a car analogy. A web designer would be the the “beautiful soul” who kind of decides the aesthetics of the car, what the car looks like, what the the exterior and interior looks like, how it feels when you sit down in it, and so on.

Now, the web developer would be in charge of all of the internal components like the engine and the transmission along with all of the other parts of the car that one wouldn’t even realize you’re using when you’re using it. This is the web developer in a nutshell. The development side of thing makes the car function and move but just like an engine is useless without the car — the car itself is useless without the engine.

We at Vyudu have mastered both dimensions within the universe of CODE. Designing the Car and Building the Engine that runs it is what we do everyday for upwards of 8-16 hrs per day/night.

Our first specialty is WordPress. In a nutshell, wordpress is still a mainstay of web design and development. Why? What do we mean by mainstay? I mean that so many people use wordpress, so many small businesses use wordpress and this is not going to change anytime soon.

There’s no other platform blogging platform that comes even close. It used to be just a blogging platform, but now it’s a total content management system and it’s by far the most popular one in the world. Many, many small businesses depend on it and there’s a huge, huge ecosystem built up around wordpress, whether it be the theming, whether it be plugins, ecommerce components, and whole bunch of other things.

We focus on elegant, youthful, and functional design while offering the optional benefit of making your site artificially intelligent via our AI stack upgrades which literally brings your site to life with state-of-the-art semantic technologies , conversational AI lead generation, and more. We also develop in Laravel, which is framework, not a language. To be more specific, it offers us a lot of packages around routing, so handling requests to different urls correctly about managing the database, access security, relate the packages. It makes working with files and storage easier. It helps us to handle requests and responses and center right html files back to the client. For example, it helps us with caching if we want this and much, much more. Laravel is an amazing framework and you might want to use it because php still is one of the most widely used server side languages. I wrote a very detailed article calledLaravel vs WordPress for your web projectIf you would like to read more about these two web technologies to understand what may be best for your business. We also specialize in iOS and Android app development for those of you interested in creating your own game, social network, or chat app.